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Automatic Validation


To meet the need for flexibility in automatic ticket validation, we provide both stationary and portable ticket validation solutions. Our validators handle graphic as well as non-graphic tickets, whether it is based on barcodes or SMS. Our technology also supports RFID and NFC ticket validation.
In some cases and by law in some countries, even though using mobile ticketing and validation, a printed receipt is required. We handle this by adding a printer connected to the validator. If a hand held validator is being used, Bluetooth technology is used for printing purposes.

Fraud proof

Safety against fraud is guaranteed by advanced ticket consistency checking and data encryption. Falsified tickets are detected automatically at the time of validation. Our ticket server connection also enables automatic protection against misuse.


tbana_gate  _DSC5409_2  Bus_validator
Our stationary validators are easily installed in buses, trains, trams or at entrance gates.  The validators can be built in inside customer enclosures such as entrance units, or installed in vehicles. They come in our own design or can be customized according to our customers design requirements.
The inmodo validators support all kind of tickets, whether it be text-based SMS tickets, barcode tickets (QR, Aztec) or RFID and NFC tickets.
The units can connect to any type of internet server, using either http or encrypted communication in order to provide highest data security. This enables secure and reliable transmission of data between devices and/or systems and also safeguards data from unauthorized access, modifications or use.
The validators are also connected to a database which keeps track of various statistics, providing our customers the data they need for improved service planning and other marketing efforts.


motorola handheld  3  valid
For portable validation , we provide handheld validators based on mobile devices , tablets and mobile computers (PDA´s) having cameras. As our software runs on various platforms, you can choose the devices that  suit your purpose best, such as:
- Rugged mobile computers (Motorola MC75, Casio IT9000 etc) designed to be used in extreme environmental conditions (dust, high humidity, extreme temperatures etc)
- Smartphones running Android, Windows Mobile, Apple iOS
- Tablets running Android, Windows Mobile, Apple iOS
The validators supports all kind of tickets, whether it be text-based SMS or barcode tickets (QR, Aztec, DataMatrix etc) or RFID and NFC tickets.
The software offers user-friendly interface, customized according to our customers various requirements.
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