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Mobile ticketing

The world-wide use of mobile tickets within transportation is steadily increasing. The advantages of mobile tickets for transportation are numerous, both for the travellers and the transportation companies. Mobile tickets means increased ticket sales, decreased ticket distribution costs, improved convenience for the traveller and less environmental effects than traditional paper tickets. Moreover, mobile tickets reduce handling of cash, and thus the risk of robbery.
inmodo offers a patented mobile ticketing system making every mobile phone in the world (currently more than 6 billion) an ideal platform for receiving and displaying tickets.  We specialise in distribution of fraud proof machine-readable mobile tickets via SMS and Automatic Validation. These tickets can easily and swiftly be validated by our hand held or stationary ticket validators.The inmodo mobile ticketing platform also supports handling of barcode, RFID and NFC tickets.
So far, over 80 million machine readable SMS tickets have been distributed and validated by inmodo.

Advantages for Merchants

  • Tickets can be distributed to basically all existing mobile phone users around the world.
  • Lower distribution costs for the ticket issuer.
  • Delivering tickets by SMS means having access to travellers’ mobile phone number and being able to inform travellers about possible delays, to issue new tickets and reroute travellers if necessary, to transmit promotional offers, to inform about events and even to send event tickets by SMS to travellers.
  • SMS tickets are instantly delivered to the customer's mobile phones as opposed to tickets delivered through email where there is a risk of ending up in spam filters.
  • The ticket handling process becomes smooth and efficient as the mobile machine-readable tickets can swiftly be validated by stationary or hand held validators.
  • Easily scalable to meet mass ticketing and validation needs.
  • Simplifies the ticket controllers work as well as the validation system provides them with more accurate information.
  • Fraud proof due to built-in data security.
  • Increased ticket sales, especially the online sales.
  • Improves customer loyalty and company image.
  • Mobile tickets are  more environmentally friendly than paper tickets.

Advantages for End users

  • More efficient for the consumer.
  • More convenient for the consumer.
  • No need to print tickets.
  • Don´t need to be concerned about mislaid tickets, the ticket will be in your phone which you always have with you.
  • In the event of delays or changes, the tickets can be updated in no time.
  • Reduces queuing time due to faster validation of mobile tickets.
According to external market studies, is has been proven that 83% of travellers prefer mobile tickets to print-at-home tickets with barcodes. These statistics have also been enforced by several of our customers, like for example CAT in Austria. Since CAT introduced inmodo´s SMS tickets and automatic validation, their mobile ticket sales has increased by over 50%.
The aim of the inmodo ticketing platform is to ensure higher efficiency, reduce fraud and increase revenues for our customers dealing with mass volume mobile ticketing and validation.
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